Thoracic Wall Blocks for Thoracic Surgery

Vol 4 | Issue 2 | July-December 2023 | Page 01-08 | Neha Pangasa, Anjolie Chhabra


Submitted: 08-07-2023; Reviewed: 01-09-2023; Accepted: 09-10-2023; Published: 10-12-2023

Authors: Neha Pangasa [1], Anjolie Chhabra [1]

[1] Department of Anaesthesiology, Pain Medicine and Critical Care, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Neha Pangasa
Assistant Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology, Pain Medicine and Critical Care, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India.


Thoracic epidural, paravertebral block and intercostal nerve block were the conventional methods of providing analgesia for thoracic surgery, about a decade ago. In the modern era with the advent of ultrasound guided regional anesthesia, the fascial plane blocks came as a boon to anesthesiologists. These blocks are safer, as the needle tip remains distant from the pleura and they are technically easier to perform. We have described in brief the various techniques for thoracic wall analgesia with special emphasis to fascial plane blocks, along with the current evidence for each block.
Keywords: Thoracic wall blocks, Fascial plane blocks, Local anaesthetic


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